Eya Says Hello!

Unless you can classify descriptions of my online photo albums as blog entries, I have never blogged before. So, you, reader, are witnessing a very significant milestone in my (still quite short) life.

I really have no idea why I have never blogged before, considering that we are in the age of blogging and almost everyone has tried his or her hand at it. I do remember, however, being very interested about it when someone mentioned bloggers who got lots of cash and other freebies (Apple Laptop) because of their popular blogs.

Then I got lazy again.

I guess it takes more than oodles of money, not to mention my own greediness, for me to be able to overcome that particular hurdle. It had to take a teacher’s iron fist (kidding) and the threat of a 5.0, to get me to type away.

First, though, let me introduce myself. I am Anne Elizabeth Sio of BA Organizational Communication, University of the Philippines Manila. Throughout my life, I have been called Anne and Elizabeth. Lazy people (ahem, ahem) who seem to find it hard to string two syllables together and find Anne to have too many letters, call me Sio. Right now, though, people just call me Eya, my childhood nickname.

I call my blog Minus the Ink Stains, because writing has always reminded me of the Victorian ladies who write using pens with feathers in them. These pens have a habit of discharging ink into the writer’s fingers instead of the intended paper. Women who were keen on writing were always admonished for having ink in their fingers. I suppose the title is really reminiscent of that fancy way of writing. Actually, it’s even reminiscent of the normal way of writing! No more ink blots on the paper, no more correction fluids; just the odd key jam or two.

I remember Dorothy’s famous line, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”. This is really a very apt description of what I’m talking about. We’re no longer in an age of ink-blotters and papyrus paper.

In short, it’s about time I climbed out of the rock I’ve been hiding in and BLOG.

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One Response to Eya Says Hello!

  1. mavcastillo says:

    What an interesting history trivia Elizabeth 😛 LOL. Kidding aside, I loved the name and finally, you’re out of your rock and into the sun.LOLWHUT!Say hello to the blogosphere:>

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