Inception Series: Lesson 1

“What’s the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and rewrite all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it”. –Dom Cobb (Inception, 2010)

Inception was phenomenal, brilliant, and just plain fantastic. It completely boggles the mind, and not just because of the quick scene cuts and 180 degree camera turns. As such, it has incepted another idea of its own into my head. Thus, an inception-inspired blog post!

The idea of inception is an idea.

That basically sums up the point of the movie. Ideas are greatest things that people can create. This makes it one of the most coveted things in the world. That’s why people steal it. But then history has proven that stealing ideas can be almost too easy. It’s incepting an idea on another person that is most difficult.

Inception; however, is precisely the kind of thing that organizations want. Doesn’t Company X want their consumers to have the idea: Company X’s product is better than others? Doesn’t Company Y want the public to have the idea: Company Y is a very kind company? Doesn’t Company Z want its employees to have the idea: The Company values us and our contribution to the profession?

For years, many have tried doing this using many channels and instruments. Nowadays, they have gained a new one; namely, the Internet.

Today, the internet is can be one of the most powerful tools for inception. It is accessible and widely-used, and flexible as to be able to be creative and unmonotonous. Blogs and digital ads are only some examples of how the internet’s potential for inception is harnessed.

Meanwhile; for me, Inception has offered many interesting advice regarding planting ideas in other people’s head. I believe that these are sound advices, and should be heeded when using the internet for such strategies.

Ideas need to be planted deep enough to stick.

Many ideas are easily forgotten. That is one of the reasons why we still don’t have honest-to-goodness lightsabers, though it is already 2010 (33 years after the first Star wars movie!). We lose ideas as we sleep, while taking a shower, and when we listen to droning lectures. We may be losing ideas this very second.

 I do hope you’re not doing it because of me.

All the more reason to be concerned with just how far into another one’s noggin do we want ideas to be. If we just want them in the membrane; it would be easy, but ideas in this location can be easily buffeted away. The slightest distraction can dislodge it.  We have to make things stick. We must plan, not just implement haphazardly.

Likewise, when using the internet; shout outs, tweets, or facebook statuses will simply be not enough. We must always look out for something more. How else will you differentiate yourselves from the others who are doing the same thing? What would make your ad more memorable than all the other gazillion ads netizens are exposed to everyday?

After all, what’s the use of planting an idea, when nothing will come out of it?

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3 Responses to Inception Series: Lesson 1

  1. Making them experience your product is the best way to get you stuck in someone’s mind. When using the internet on the other hand, one of the best ways if not the only way is to get in touch with people’s experiences. That’s why you really have to know your target. Know their stories. Relate with them.

  2. commania says:

    Poor me, I wasn’t able to watch inception but with your post, I did obtain pretty much IDEAS about it. 😀

    With brilliant ideas come fantastic innovations–one of which is the invention of the internet. And with the internet comes more and more ideas. That’s the good thing about knowledge. Once you think about one great thing, for sure there would be better things than that, all of which may be helpful to us.

    And from these ideas may also come out wonderful strategies for organizations. This is why companies really need people who are creative enough to think about extraordinary things.

    With the training that we have in OrCom, I do hope we are or we would be some of those people who could really create an impact in the workplace.

  3. mavcastillo says:

    “We may be losing ideas this very second”
    And that send chills down my spine. What if some someone has already thought of a cure for AIDS but unfortunately the idea was lost due to some petty reason such as, the person got distracted while he/ she was on the verge of coming up with one of the greatest ideas ever?! I think the Internet can be a media through which people will eventually find means of saving up all those ideas and one day coming up with more than just light-sabers. How about flying cars run by water instead of fuel?That would be cool!

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