Does Jesus Eat Vegetables?

Does Jesus eat vegetables?

This is the question that I posed to my classmates this afternoon followed by:

Were there vegetables in the garden of Eden?

It’s a sudden thought that came to my mind as I was eating a lettuce-laden sandwich.  In all my years of being a “good” Catholic school girl, I have never heard of lettuce being in the bible. I have never read anything about Jesus eating vegetables. In the few occasions that I browse through the bible, all I’ve read Jesus eat was bread and fish. I’ve read about him breaking bread, packing it for his desert trip, and even multiplying them with fish. But I have never read anything about him tossing a salad, or biting into a carrot.

Even the most devout of my classmates couldn’t answer this question. So what else is there to do?

Search the net, of course; which is exactly what I did when I got home. It’s really quite easy, all you have to do is type: “Does Jesus eat vegetables?” in the search box, and voila! You get answers by the dozen.

They were wrong, you know. Many years ago, they coined the term, “Magic Box” for the television. That’s not magic that’s wires and signals all crossed together.

Now, the computer, that’s magic, especially the internet. Where else can you search the strangest things and still get a hit? It’s a fountain of knowledge, albeit a bit unreliable at times.

Of all the hits that I got from my question (Does Jesus eat vegetables?), I am most fond of the ones I got from Yahoo! Answers. It is not really because of the content, but by the fact that there really are people who are willing to share the information that they know and to build a bigger knowledge base for all people.

I think Yahoo! Answers is proof that there are people who will take the time to answer, to share and to bring further understanding to others.

Of course, not everything you get will be top quality, but we must recognize the effort, not to mention the further separation we are creating from the times of old, when knowledge was restricted.

As to my question, Does Jesus eat vegetables? I am still searching. Hopefully, there’s one good answer out there somewhere, and I, in turn will also share it to the world.

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10 Responses to Does Jesus Eat Vegetables?

  1. Karen says:

    That’s a pretty interesting question, Eya! And I’m glad that you found some answers. 🙂

    Yes, it’s funny that with just one click we could get answers to our many questions. The Internet provides us with what we need, but I think we still have to be wary of the truthfulness of what we see online. We still have to check if the source of the information is credible and look for other credible sources that say the same thing before truly believing. We have to do this because there are lots of people who just post certain things (even if they are not true) just to get the attention of the Internet users.

  2. neralair says:

    I think, Jesus would have eaten vegetables. If it could thrive in their environment in Israel. 🙂
    But that’s just my 2 cents worth. I’m not sure as well. Apparently, in Israel, the land is very dry and heat is constant while the night is too cold. Pretty much a dessert. Bread was more prominent because the basic means of food and cooking was ‘baking,’ or mixing flour and water. Remember ‘manna?’ Fish was basic since meat had ramifications on the Gentiles and thinking that meat was dirty.
    Sorry, I’m not really sure if half of what I typed is right, but according to what i (vaguely) remember from Sunday school, that’s the logic I got to why Jesus most likely didn’t eat vegetable even if he wanted to. (Eep. Did I even answer the question?)

    P.S. On an NSM note, Yahoo! Answers is a great place to get information, though I think it’s flawed in terms of people involving their own perspectives into the facts. Not inevitable though. 🙂

  3. juolpindo says:

    The internet is a really very powerful tool to tap the pool of knowledge and ideas of people. It is a great avenue to collaborate, share, and co-create information that may help people who are in need of it. I personally use Yahoo! Answers and I find it reliable, however not all the time, credible. As people are willing to share their knowledge and answer the questions of other people, I find them helpful but not all time. As communications people, we have the responsibility not only to help answer questions posted on Yahoo! Answers but also to rate the quality of answers posted by our peers.

  4. I’ve got an answer for you Eya. Perhaps? Haha. Could he have avoided eating something resembling a plant (other than fruits)? I’ve seen more random questions during my long net surfing hours, but I must say that a lot of the answers provided are really quite useful. Though we can’t be sure that people posting answers know what they are talking about or that they are authority figures on the topic, we can assume that they have come across relevant material that we have not.

    That must be why the Internet has become such a big tool for collaboration – it’s people bringing together what they know about a topic to form a single, cohesive thought or piece of literature that others can actually use and learn from. I think this is also the case with Wikipedia. Not all people who post there are authority figures on the topics they wrote about but they must have read books from someone who is and the like. 🙂

  5. Hey there Eya! Another amazing thing is that you don’t need to type the whole question to get the answers, have you tried just typing Jesusvegetables or “Jesus and vegetables?” You will also have wider scope if you do this. In search engines, it’s okay to commit grammatical and spelling errors, you will not be condemned for that. If you can’t articulate a thought, just type it in phrases and search! Easy. 🙂

  6. Justine says:

    I use Yahoo! Answers too but most of the time, it takes a long time before my questions are answered. Come to think of it, I think I was very lazy to rely on Yahoo! Answers. I found that manually searching about stuff that I need and having a reliable site that have almost all of the things that I need (like is faster and easier than wating for some random person to answer my question.

    And for your question, it is said in the Bible that ‘man does not live on bread alone.’ Maybe Jesus did use some tomato, lettuce, and maybe some mustard too (whose seed our faith is smaller) to add flavor to his fish sandwich. 🙂

  7. I was one of the people that you asked about this question. Surprisingly, even if I knew a lot about Bible stories, I couldn’t answer this one. Asking this question in Yahoo Answers was a good move. The people who answer the questions there are quite reliable. But of course, not all of them are credible that’s why you also need to double check their responses. I have a confession to make. Remember that bonus question on the OrCom Stat exam, the one about naming a certain painting? I used Yahoo Answers to find out what it was. hahaha. 😛

  8. kimgiel says:

    The internet can answer a lot of questions and maybe anything I want to know I can find with Google and Yahoo! Still, there are a lot of questions the internet can’t give answers to. Examples? Try typing those in Google 🙂 ehehe

  9. I have also done that Eya. I would type in random questions and unexpectedly the auto-search that pops under the search box would suggest the same queries. 🙂

    It’s amazing that somewhere out there there are people who actually thought of the random and wacky things I was interested about.

    And it’s amusing how the internet provides its users answers even to outrageous curiosities. Yet to whatever data we might find online, validity should always be considered.

  10. discraft says:

    I remember the conversation you were referring to, and found that it was interesting and funny at the same time, because we all took it so seriously. Haha! I like that you mentioned the computer being our magic box. I have to agree, at least it is for our generation. It probably appears to be Pandora’s Box for older generations who still think that the boob tube is the magic box. On the Internet, hmm, did you ever use Wikipedia and find that the definitions were bastardized by Filipinos? Filipino terms and curse words were used in the content. I hated that time and didn’t trust the net for content. But, it was a good thing that people now have the conscious effort to correct these errors, and provide relevant content.

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