Stop Sexual Trafficking!

The last time I went to the Body Shop, they asked me if I could join their petition against Sex Trafficking. I signed the petition and even traced my hand print in the given flyer. I noticed that aside from this traditional paper petition, they are have also supplemented it with an online petition as well.

I have always known that the Body Shop’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program was centered around animal testing, so I was quite surprised that they suddenly came up with Sex Trafficking, something that is not really connected with cosmetics, unlike their main CSR program.

I was also a bit sceptical with their online efforts. I had presumed that this would be the ordinary Facebook  fan page, or ordinary Twitter account and press release via the company website.

My, my, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Body Shops online efforts went way, way, way beyond my expectations. This really made me happy, since this is one of my favorite brands.

Like all advocacies, this particular one was well-researched. They have values reports, global reports, and the like posted on their advocacy page. Not only that but they have also included stories of people from all over the world who have suffered from Sex Trafficking. In their interactive slide panel, one will be able to meet Sasha, Kit, Maria, and other victims of sex trafficking.

In their page, you will be able to sign their petition, and even find out what else you can do to support this advocacy.

Hopefully, the Body Shop’s advocacy against Sexual Trafficking will continue beyond the petition making and online efforts. But I do believe that they have had a great start. Their social marketing is a good supplement to the actual ones. It is able to mirror and provide information properly and appropriately. For me, this sends the message that they really are serious about wanting to help people and that this is not just some half-hearted effort to gain good karma.

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6 Responses to Stop Sexual Trafficking!

  1. niccy says:

    ECPAT, our chosen organization for our viral vid! 🙂
    We were just as surprised as you were when you found out about The Body Shop’s campaign against Sex Trafficking.

    What makes me wonder, sometimes, is that- how do these sites actually help solve these social issues? I understand that awareness is the initial step but after that, what’s next? There are too many companies doing these kind of campaigns online and I’m afraid that one day, this effort is going to be ‘just another site you like then leave.’

    The challenge here I guess, is to make the effort count and make the effort valuable.

  2. melem1 says:


    I believe everyone can now make a difference by just voicing out their thoughts in the Internet. This is where Agenda Setting comes in.

    People make opinions of issues and events ONLY WHEN they hear about the issue. You can’t have an opinion of something you don’t know. This is what the Internet can do exceptionally well.

    Everyday, a lot of issues spread like wild fire all over the Net and people talk about those and make their opinions of it. If child sex trafficking becomes the “agenda”, a lot more people will know about the threat that it imposes and will thus promote awareness.

    Of course awareness can only do so much. Let’s hope for the best 🙂

  3. thehappykimy says:

    There are really a lot of advocacy, movements, and causes online. Most people join some but do not really live out to what they have appeared to believe in. But let us not forget that there are sincere people who make advocacy and join for the same purpose of spreading awareness and stopping negative events from happening. But what comes after it? I suddenly remembered facebook applications that petition to help victims of calamities. It is just sad that some of these applications just stop on the petition and neglect to have an action. I think that without any concrete action, its senseless. It is like the concept of “Theory without practice is dead.”

  4. shecainess says:

    it is really alarming that as the world evolves, so do prostitution and human trafficking. and quite surprising as well that body shop supports the advocacy against it. the government should look into the issue of sex slavery and most importantly, violation of human rights.

  5. You’ll actually be surprised how other organizations push for advocacies that are quite not related to their business line. Nonetheless, I salute The Body Shop for their effort in putting a stop to Sex Trafficking. As OrCom practitioners, I believe we should know how to make use of the different communication channels available for an organization to reach the end goal of its advocacy.

  6. discraft says:

    I’ve seen that palm logo before and wondered what it was for. Now I know. It was great that the advocacy had an element of surprise. I think it help Body Shop drive a point to its patrons. If I were a patron, I would probably think that: “Wow, my favorite brand is going out of its way to support the movement against sex trafficking. I just know it’ll take care of me.” I think that’s where our role comes in, in framing our messages, we have to be the one to find and/or give it an X factor. Something that would tell our patrons that we are the best choice out there.

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