The effects of the internet on personality

Personality again?

Don’t worry, this is a different angle. It just so happens that as I was searching for pictures to use in my previous blog entries, I found a couple that triggered certain ideas to sprout in my mind. Hey, whatever works, right?

Actually, this could be a good thesis topic if only I was in the field of psychology. But alas, I am in the Organizational Communication course, so this will just have to be a blog post.

The title of this picture is: Computer kills personality.

In a way, this is one effect of the internet (or computer) on its users. There is no question that a lot of people have become enamored with the internet. They spend more time with it than any other program. They make it their friends.

Some people are so fond of it that they forget to have a life, they forget to have other interests, other friends. Thus; slowly, but surely, their personalities become computer-dependent, artificial vegetables that cannot move farther than an inch from their screen.

Now this one is called: New Personality.

Notice how the former head ejects as the body reaches for a new and improved one?

Many do find new personalities in internet. These new personalities are usually the ones that they cannot act upon in actual life. Because of the pseudo-anonymity that the digital world provides, people are braver in showing their hidden attitudes, beliefs, and world views.

Also, these new personalities are usually the personalities that individuals really want to embody. The picture says it all: this is who they want to be. These are the roles that society may have denied for them, so they are fulfilling these roles in another kind of society, which is, the internet.

This particular photo reminds me of a horror movie that I watched as a child. I don’t remember it though. Child’s play?  The Haunted?  Anyway, it involved a very creepy child/children/children’s toy.

I don’t remember the exact title of this picture, but I remember the artist’s description of it. He said that it reminded him of a person who lost his personality when the internet is lost. So again, this is a picture that depicts the personality’s internet dependence, though this is to a higher degree than the first one.

Ten years ago, none of us would have imagined that the internet and social media would have this much effect on a person. Ones personality is one’s core it defines who you are. So for the internet to be able to influence it this much just goes to show how ingrained the internet has become in our lives.

Soon, the internet’s effects may go beyond our personalities. I cannot imagine where that is. However; I definitely think that it is important that we recognize these effects, and use them to our advantage, instead of allowing it to rule over us.

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6 Responses to The effects of the internet on personality

  1. niccy says:

    The internet has truly paved the way to live our ‘ideal self’ (our virtual self, in that sense)

    Some people find it as their outlet- a means to an end. Some though use this as their alter ego (like me!) I believe that as long as you still know who you are and that you don’t let your virtual self take away the life in you, you’re all good.

    My message to those who are practically living online: “get back to reality, people!”

  2. Justine says:

    Some people treat the internet as some sort of alternate universe where they can take on a personality that could be different from who they really are, a personality that they want to show in real life but are afraid of the judgment that people will pass and the adverse effects that this personality can have on their relationships in the real world.

    I think that in order to bridge the gap between the real and internet personalities, we must act like the person we want to be (without being an offensive asshole, of course) in real life and just let that ooze into our online personalities. 🙂

  3. blahblahblogsheet says:

    In my opinion, the internet also gives way to pseudo-personalities. Also, it’s one way of them switching to their alter egos. We know that a lot of people are more talkative in front of the computer than in real self. Maybe in one side it’s also a way of showing your real self than hiding it, don’t you think? When we’re online, we tend to let go of apprehension and just say things a lot.

  4. Aside from all the negative things brought about by the internet on one’s personality, I believe the internet and the new social media could also be of form of “self-help” to people. There are people who cannot assert themselves in public, but are very great and influential writers. Some gain confidence in their talents when videos of them are watched and flooded with positive comments. Others may have been very shy and introverted when beginning in a new school or workplace, but after socializing with peers on Facebook, finds that he or she can actually become friends with these people. 🙂 I believe that personality will still come from the person, regardless of having a lot of help from the Internet or NSM, or not. 🙂

  5. Alyssa Manning says:

    When a person sits behind a computer, the real world disapears to them. It does not matter what you do on the outside world, because their hole life is on display anyways. MySpace, Twitter, Facebook. It’s all there for everyone to see. BUT all we choose what we want them to see, we want to be seen as ”perfect”, but perfect does not exsist. We all hide behind a personia that we want people to believe, but if we are all not ourselves, individuality will be lost.

  6. jholyn says:

    Base for me I think the internet is the best policy to fast our work it is a kind of a modern technology to all students too improve him/her knowledge .

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