This is more like it

Ah, the fateful 15th entry of my blog.

Through all the hard work, through all the many times that I had to shake my head in order to arrive at a topic worth pursuing, I have finally reached this most memorable entry.

So this time, I will turn this entry into something really me. A Blog is, I think, one big oxymoron. Blogs are one of the most personal things a person can have, and at the same time, one of the most public.

I have always had a teeny problem about letting people read what I write. Unless it is published (in the school newsletter or literary journal), I keep it hidden and for my eyes only. I am the same even with my school essays. If my grade didn’t depend on it, I would hide my essays from my teachers too.

There are people who find it easy to show their work to others, but I am not one of them. I hide them in secret notebooks, save them in password protected files, or hide behind a pseudonym.

This blog forced me to turn away from my usual patterns. Do I resent it? Not really. As I continuously wrote for this blog, I have come to one conclusion.

I cannot hide beneath a rock anymore or step back every time someone ones to get a better look at me and my personality. We are entering a world with lesser secrets, and who am I negate it?

So read away, people. More are coming, and I’ll let you get more than a peek.

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7 Responses to This is more like it

  1. Good for you, now you are able to express your feelings and share your brilliant ideas! The internet made us better persons and students, I believe, one way or another. We may still not realize it but this thing is a major major factor in determining our future.

  2. The Internet has this sort of force to make us share our thoughts and feelings, even if we are conscious of it or not. So the task here is to be able to create a decent reputation online so our potential employers won’t get turned off by our childish wall posts or shallow entries etc. Sharing must always go hand in hand with security; we must be able to protect ourselves from evil people in the Internet. Be careful before hitting that “share” button! 😀

  3. mavcastillo says:

    Congratulations on your 15th blog entry!:) Anyway, it baffles me how you resent having your written works read by other people when in fact they’re more entertaining and sensible than most of the things we have to read, required to read or unintentionally read. I think this post goes to show that one of the main purposes of New Social Media is to help us let go of our inhibitions and feel free to share a piece of our mind through thought-provoking blog entries, photo uploads and even status updates:)

  4. kitsatwork says:

    I agree with you when you say “Blogs are one of the most personal things a person can have, and at the same time, one of the most public.” Blogging being a social media is indeed a big oxymoron. You have to show the real you in your blog entries but at the same time make sure you tailor the real you to reach and interest your audiences. :O

  5. barrycade says:

    there’s one way you can channel your “private” thoughts into something useful for your readers: turn those thoughts into practical tips. If, say, you’ve had a break up and feels bad about it, you can write a blog about dealing with stupid jerks (hahaha) or share tips on getting over a guy and moving on. you get the drift.

    instead of sharing your personal story, you write for your audience–and they have something to take away from it; not just read through your pains. 🙂

  6. niccy says:

    I share the same sentiment Eya!

    Blogging has really made me explore beyond my comfort zone. I have become more responsible, I must say. It made me realize that I cannot always hide from my audience. In one way or another, if I don’t show myself, they will pull me out of the backstage and expose me to everyone else so it would be for my own good to start out early… and slowly.

    From where I was before and where I am now, I can say that I’ve already made one big leap. The adrenaline rush was great!

  7. Awww.. shy ka pala eya. Hehe. 😀 I didn’t know. Well now I know.

    It’s funny how many things people do not know about others. It’s surprising that we do not know a lot of things about even our classmates who we have been with the longest.

    I empathize with your post. I value my privacy very very much. And I am very secretive. Very. Over the top and off the charts. As I always am.

    Being online, it means we are exposing ourselves to the rest of the world. I agree with not having to hide under a rock, because it will gain us more opportunities. Nonetheless, in this dangerous world, it is about being careful and choosing who can see your activities online. And with regard to my most personal things and most personal events in my life, I only let some people know. Only those people who really matter. Only those people I trust. And believe me, I am very picky. 🙂

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