Baby Steps

Take baby steps, they said.

And this is what it is. A very infant step. Or an inch of a crawl. Whatever it is that babies do.

I haven’t written in more than over a year. I found that upon graduation, time blurred between good-byes, eight-month long vacations, and getting my first job. I never found the time to uncap a pen, and write.

That, is a shame.

Writing has always been my second love (reading being the first) and for me to have done without it for so long is really quite shameful.  There’s no one to blame but myself, though. Oh I can count the number of excuses I’ve thought up, or rather, my procrastination mechanisms:

I have no good pen (Because ordinary pens have the tendency to spit ink and go missing).

I have no good notebook (Because scratch papers just won’t do).

I have nothing to write about (I can actually write about a flower or that pebble I saw on the sidewalk).

But I refuse to dwell on this any longer. Take this blog, for example. It has suffered more than a year’s neglect. I had promised to continue this, end-of-project non-withstanding (check my previous post). Now it has acquired cobwebs due to the months of non-use.

But no more!

It’s back to scribbling and thinking for me, before my unused brain deteriorates. It may take some time, though, for me to be able to conjure an Organizational Communication-related post. I need to get my groove back and I’m afraid the path to take is the random, nonsense-filled one. I apologize for this. Changing courses after so many posts can be disappointing. I did consider making a new blog, but I loved this one. Still, I might come back to the OrCom genre, given the right circumstances.

But as I’ve said, for now, it’s baby steps.

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