The Good, the Good, and the Good

I recently read an article in Reader’s Digest about Happiness. One suggestion was to write down three good things that happened to you each day. It was supposed to help you focus on the positives and be happy too, I suppose.

Since I’ve been prone to depressing/pessimistic thoughts lately, I decided to try it out.  Here’s what I wrote down for five days:


1. I was an hour early for work. This means to tardy memo for me, hurray!

2. I received three special emails. I usually get only one and occasionally two, but three is        an all-time record. ❤

3. I got all my papers signed, allowing me to beat my deadlines.


1. I received tikoy (Niangao or Chinese New Year Cake) from our geomancer. Since it came from a genuine feng-shui expert, it must mean I’ll get good luck, right? Right?

2. During lunch, a colleague treated me to a free dessert, no strings attached!

3. Today’s online window shopping led me to fine some great books (which I’ll buy, umm.. next week!)


1.  After work, I got treated by a friend, yum!

2. I got my evaluation grade to go higher. It’s two measly points, but that still counts!

3. I was included in a meeting, which is rare, I tell you. Oh and one word (or three): Red Velvet Pancakes.


1. Lunch was free, I got treated by a colleague.

2. I met with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while, which of course, prompts loads of chatter.

3. My friend and I were able to brave the horrendous train ride.


1. I was able to taste a new flavor of ice-cream (chocolate brownie)

2. Karma. I do believe in it. And it’s nice when people who deserve it get it. That goes for both good and bad.

3. Change. This day signals change. A very big one and one that I’ve been unconsciously been waiting a long time for.

So with five days of “good-writing”, I came to the following conclusions:

1. Food makes me happy.

2. A lot of people have been extremely, out-of-the-ordinarily, nice this particular week, as evidenced by the number of treats I got. This does not happen every week, but I wish it does. Think of all the money I’ll save! Haha!

3. I’m still a pessimist at heart. Sometimes it was so hard to think of the good stuff that happened to me.

Now, the question is, did this little activity work?

I would like to think it did. Writing this now has definitely given me a whole new perspective on what happened in those five days. I mean, I can now judge that period of time to be fairly good (despite the time I forgot to call someone and got scolded for it, or when I took a really long lunch and got scolded for that too, or the negativity/disappointment I felt because of a number of events, etc. etc.).

To everyone out there (especially the pessimists like me!) I recommend doing this. Although, according to the article, the normal time period would be a month, I think you can set your own time. Mine was five days, others can do this for two weeks, a year, a millennia.

Who knows? You just might be surprised how good your life really is.

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