Kasbah: Rockin’ Morrocan

When you’re with someone adventurous, the tendency is, you’ll always be trying something new. And when that person enjoys food, well, let’s just say, a huge part of that is trying out all the genres there is. Case in point; for this dinner, we tried Moroccan.

This is the first time we’ve ever tried this cuisine, they’re not exactly floating around the Metro (or maybe they are and I’m just not looking hard enough). Thank goodness for Kasbah.

I would have to say that Moroccan food is a lot like the Middle Eastern ones we’ve tried before. There’s a lot of flavor, and spice is a big factor.

IMG_3369 edited

Moutabal – Baba Ghanoush Php140

We started with the Moutabal – Baba Ghanoush as our cold appetizer. This was actually recommended by the waiter. You can really taste the eggplant on this one. This has some caviar in it as well.

Tangier Calamares

Tangier Calamares Php375

We followed this up with our hot appetizer, the Tangier Calamares or Stuffed Squid. The menu says that it’s stuffed with herbed rice, but it looked a lot like couscous to us (more on couscous later). The squid was cooked  really well, you can slice through it like it was butter.

I’ve never had couscous before, I swear to god. Although I’ve heard of it from all the Gordon Ramsay shows I’ve been watching. I always thought it was some kind of starch-based vegetable (potatoes or chickpeas, I thought!. Imagine my surprise to see these grainy stuff on my plate. This is no potato.

*Eating it actually made me go into research mode and found out that couscous was made from a type of wheat.

Rabat Chicken Couscous Php465

Rabat Chicken Couscous Php465

Upon first tasting, the Rabat Chicken Couscous was actually kind of spicy, but eventually, the sweetness settled in.

Kefta Tagine Php595

Kefta Tagine Php595

Again, a lot of spice, though not the kind that would burn your tongue. That’s supposed to be a poached egg on the top, but it looks kind of overdone. Maybe it overcooked itself after sitting in the hot food for so long? Or maybe  aliens kidnapped our perfectly poached egg. Or maybe it was born that way, let’s not judge it.

IMG_3380 edited

The Moroccan interiors were pretty cool. It’s just too bad we weren’t able to see the mezzanine area. I could see a Prince of Persia vibe going even from a lower standpoint. You can almost hear tambourines playing.

IMG_3358 edited

IMG_3379 edited

IMG_3365 edited

IMG_3360 edited

All in all, it’s a pretty good first taste of Moroccan cuisine. We just might come back to try Kasabah’s brunch menu, yum!

Kasbah is located at The Fort Strip, 7th Avenue corner Katipunan Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.  (02)553-4499

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