Tidbit 001: Of Trains and Zombies

I ride a train that passes by a tunnel-like path. It looks like an abandoned sewer, with rocks strewn everywhere and discarded plastic cups dotting the dirt.

There was a time when the trained stopped right at that area, there was some kind of malfunction or other.

I immediately thought: Zombies.

It was a good place for a horde. They could rise up from the dirt and crawl on their deteriorating knees.

They could attack the train, too. They could pound on the glass windows, splatter it with blood, and make the people inside scream from fear.

Or they could hurtle themselves in front of a moving train.

Depending on the number of zombies jumping in the train’s path and on the speed of the train itself, I would say we have a pretty good chance of making it to the next station.

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