Tidbit 003: On Getting Lost

I have a penchant for getting lost. Literally.

Even as a child, I would always get lost in supermarkets and department stores. My parents would hold on to me but I’d end up disappearing anyway.

These days, even with the use of technology, I always end up not where I should be. I do blame the inaccuracy of map-makers more than my own bad luck, though. Yes, Zomato and Google Maps, that’s you!

Once, someone pointed my habit out to me. In my usual defensive self, I blurted out that it was better to be lost, you see more that way.

I didn’t mean to, but hoo-ha! I stumbled upon something profound!

When I thought about it, I realized that it was true. You do get to see more when you’re lost. You see the things that you never expected, the stuff that you didn’t really read or research about. You get to be surprised and intrigued. Most of all, you get to see more of not only the people you’re with, but of yourself as well.

You could find strengths and weaknesses that you never really knew you had. You can even discover if some weaknesses have faded and if some strengths have evolved.

There’s always something more to see, so getting lost isn’t so bad.

I was able to stumble upon this on one of the many occasions I got lost.

I was able to stumble upon this on one of the many occasions I got lost.

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