Coffee Shop

Written On January 14, 2014, 8:22pm

Well, this is depressing.

Where am I, where am I? I think the audience is asking.

I’m alone in a coffee shop with my laptop, waiting for my buy one, take one coffee. Oh wait, here it is.

I am alone. Hopefully, in an hour, I won’t be.

Normally I would probably be angry and just go home. Or probably not. Apparently, I’m a waiter. Not the kind that just served my drinks. The one that always waits.

It started six years ago. Or maybe even before that. Maybe I’ve been waiting all my life. A cliché, I know. Let’s ask the obvious question, then: for what?

I really have no idea. Hey, maybe that’s what, I’m waiting for an answer. What am I waiting for?  The meaning of life? Starlights? Magic?

How about the very obvious, Love?

Nah, I have that.

That’s why I’m in this coffee shop.

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