Photos of Ilocos

This will probably be one of the best summers I will ever have.

And one of the worst.

Or just the worst, really.

After all, emotional turmoil and gut-wrenching sadness trumps summers spent on the couch.

The irony isn’t lost on me. Everything’s ironic these days. Still, the five days I’ve spent in Ilocos will always be fondly remembered. This was a bright spot amidst the crumbling ruins of my year.

I saw history and culture. I pranced around cobbled streets that belonged to a bygone era. I screamed my lungs off from riding down sand dunes. Most of all, I felt like I was always surrounded by colors.

This lifted my heart a bit. And even if melancholia tried to creep in now and then, the colors made it go away.

I wish I could have bottled up those colors, so that I can immerse myself in them from time to time. Oh well, the best I could do was take some photographs. Although it’s not really the same, they still do something for me.

Anyway, here’s a few that I personally took (during the times I could take the camera away from the tour guide).


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