Gledd Ditt Hjerte


I found this in an antique shop in Ilocos. There were several of them, side-by-side, all equally dusty. I was looking for teacups, the dainty, Victorian-kind (I wasn’t going to buy one, they just reminded me of some of my favorite books) and tadah! There it was, lying in a cup. I suppose this is more Victorian than Mad Hatter, but never mind.

Gled ditt hjerte.

It took me more than ten minutes of googling (gasp!) to find the closest translation. Apparently this is Norwegian and the first thing that Google told me was that it means “slipped your heart.”

Is it me, or does that not sound right?

Would someone really engrave that in a necklace?

Then, I found another one: “Enjoy your heart.”

Now, I think I like the other one better. I mean, the first one could just easily mean, “your heart slipped” or “your heart fell,” which I can easily connect with, “I fell in love.” And since I’m a hopeless romantic, I rather like that sentiment.

The second one just makes me think of eating hearts, which is… kind of gross.

But hey, if you’re Norwegian, maybe you can help me out.

Anyway, just like the teacups, I didn’t buy the necklace. I left it just the way I found it, and just the way I photographed it. Looking at it now, a dozen stories come to mind. I guess that’s the beauty of going to antique shops, every item has a story.

I supposed it once belonged to a girl. Obviously, someone loved her. They do say that material things don’t mean anything but sometimes they do. I would like to think that this one does. It’s a testament of something. Something that not everybody has.

I wonder what happened to that girl. How come this necklace is gathering dust in here? Does this speak of a lost love or a timeless one? Forgotten or remembered?

Well, I suppose that’s Life for you. Past, present, and future. You never really know.

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