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Life of Pi

I’m currently in the middle of reading Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I’ve actually watched the movie before reading the book, but the book in itself is another experience altogether. There’s nothing like words to pluck the heartstrings. I’ve … Continue reading

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Here’s a funny little story. I bought one souvenir during my trip to Ilocos. ONE souvenir. Among the dozens of shirts, woven wallets, and sun hats, I bought this white windmill. It’s really just a miniature of the Bangui Windmills. … Continue reading

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Photos of Ilocos

This will probably be one of the best summers I will ever have. And one of the worst. Or just the worst, really. After all, emotional turmoil and gut-wrenching sadness trumps summers spent on the couch. The irony isn’t lost … Continue reading

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Coffee Shop

Written On January 14, 2014, 8:22pm Well, this is depressing. Where am I, where am I? I think the audience is asking. I’m alone in a coffee shop with my laptop, waiting for my buy one, take one coffee. Oh … Continue reading

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Tidbit 003: On Getting Lost

I have a penchant for getting lost. Literally. Even as a child, I would always get lost in supermarkets and department stores. My parents would hold on to me but I’d end up disappearing anyway. These days, even with the … Continue reading

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Japan, Japan! A Tsukamen Tribute

Going to Japan has been in my bucket list since forever. It’s been there before I even had a bucket list! I suppose a large part of the reason has been all the animes I watched as a kid. Sure, … Continue reading

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Tidbit 002: Of Old and New Typhoons (A Tidbit About a Turtle)

When I was five, there was a typhoon. I don’t know if it was as bad as last week’s, but it felt like it. The rain didn’t stop, and the sun didn’t show itself for days. Everyone stopped me from … Continue reading

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